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Walking Tour of Bologna's ancient Villas

Bologna, with its medieval heart, towers and churches is protected on its South side by soft hills where imposing “villas” used to stand. The most wealthy and illustrious families had, in fact, built on these hills their summer residences where gatherings and parties took place during the hot summer days.

Some of these Villas have survived until today, some of them owned by heirs of noble lineage, others which have passed hand to hand or have been donated to the city council, some yet sadly abandoned.

This route can take place all year


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7 hours / 17 km



Tour departure time

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Watch out: In order to join one of our bike tours you need to be confident in your use of a bicycle

Tour program

The tour will start from the city centre. After admiring some of its main landmarks, we’ll follow Via Saragozza strolling under its Portico, the longest one in the world, (it reaches San Luca) and stop at the main gate of the first Villa, Villa Spada.

Villa Spada was a noble home from the end of the ‘700, and is now a Public Property which hosts an interesting weaving museum. In its park, overlooked by century-old cedar trees and oaks, a small tower stands-out: the renaissance patriot Ugo Bassi was incarcerated here before his execution.

Crossing parks and following beautiful paths among forests and forgotten fruit yards, we’ll reach before the hamlet of Montalbano and the large park of our second stop: Villa Ghigi.

Our third and last stop will be Villa Aldini, near the complex of Osservanza.
This villa with its rich and illustrious history (it hosted Napeoleon) is nowadays closed to visitors, but form its panoramic terrace, still open to public, it’s possible to take the most amazing pictures of Bologna.

From here our tour will slowly start its way back towards the city, passing along S.Domenico, the narrow streets of the market area and the 2 Towers, glimpsing through a “secret little window” the water canal of Le Moline and finally arriving to the end of our journey.

Surely the memory of walking among tree-lined and shaded boulevards, crossing hundred-years-old parks and discovering forgotten sculptures and lavish gardens will last forever.

Dress code:
Sportswear and comfortable clothing, trekking shoes are advised, raincoat, sunglasses and light jacket are suggested.

Technical advice:
Backpack for a bootle of water, something to eat, photo camera, tissues. During summer season anti-mosquitos.

Visited point of interest

The order and number of the tour stops may change without notice

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