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Bike rental FAQ

You can book online through the website, call us +393470017996 or send us an email to, or come to our store in Via dell'Indipendenza 69/A
Yes, inside Bologna you can see our delivery prices here  If you'd like for your bike to be delivered outside Bologna or in other cities, please send your requesto to
Yes. In our Bike Rental service you can benefit from the following discounts:​
  • 10%  For groups of over 10 people
  • If you join one of our Bike Tours you can use our bike all day for free!
  • 10% if you are a student and have a Student ID
  • 10% if you live in Bologna and have a season train or bus ticket
  • 10% If you’re a commuter and show us your season ticket
We don't ask for a Security Deposit with City Bikes, Kids Bikes or Folding Bikes. For other models:​
  • Road Bikes: 100 €
  • Mountain Bikes: 100 €
  • Hybrid Bikes: 100 €
  • E-Bikes: 150 €
In order to avoid theft, with every bike we will give you a chain and a High Security Padlock (ABUS) with their keys.
Everytime, and we mean EVERYTIME, you stop and want to leave the bike for a while, you need to tie it from frame to bike rack or pole with the ABUS padlock. If you’re going to leave it unattended for a long while and as an extra security measure, you should also use the chain from front wheel to frame.

If you’re renting overnight, it’s important that you check with your hotel and/or appartment and see if you can leave the bike inside.

However, if your bike gets stolen you need to contact us inmediatly, we need to call the police and proceed with the payment of the bike.
All our clients are covered by a Third policy Insurance, in case of damage caused by the bikes malfunction.
At the moment, unfortunately, it is not possible to release an insurance against theft in Italy.
Only on the models designed for it.​
Yes. We have different offers and prices for season tickets (weeks and months)
Yes. Just call us and let us know the new arrival time, or send us an sms/whatsapp/email to let us know!.

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