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Elba Island E-MTB coast to coast tour

A 3-day off-road bike tour through the Elba, between mountains and clear water

A 3-day off-road tour on your own electric mountain bike (you can also rent it from us at a special price), crossing the Elba Island westwards with two professional MTB guides.

Starting from the village of Lacona, you’ll ride through the Mineral Park of Elba Island in Rio Marina, the oldest mine on the Elba, and admire its typical landscapes tinged with red. On your way to the western side of the island, you’ll then pass by the fishermen’s village of Porto Azzurro, Capoliveri, set on the top of a hill, and finally the beach of Cavoli, to the south-west, where you can treat yourself to a refreshing swim.
Also, you’ll stop at many panoramic viewpoints on the mountains such as Monte Castello, Monte Calamita and Monte San Martino, to name just a few, and enjoy the wonders of Elba’s wild nature. During the tour you’ll be accommodated at the relaxing Residence Il Mandorlo in Lacona.


• Green tour • On bike • Private tour


3 days


Medium to challenging: Physical Effort 3/5-4/5 - Technical level 3/5-4/5

Tour departure time

To be chosen

Watch out: In order to join one of our bike tours you need to be confident in your use of a bicycle


42 km, 1300 m climb rise
Stage duration: 3,5 hours by e-bike / 5 hours by mtb
Difficulty: MEDIUM, Physical Effort 3/5; Technical level 3/5

Setting off from Lacona, you’ll get to Rio Marina’s Mineral Park passing by Monte Castello and Monte Capannello. The park is located inside a wider natural area, the Arcipelago Toscano National Park, and aims at the preservation and promotion of a land marked by a thousand-year old story of mining and men’s work. In the park, the colours of earth mingle with those of the iron creating a unique landscape.
Pedaling through Rio Marina’s centre you’ll get to Monte Fico (268 metres above sea level). Going downhill towards Ortano, a pebbled beach with crystal clear waters, you’ll ride on trails overlooking the sea and finally get to the amazing village of Porto Azzurro.

50 km, 1300 m climb rise

Stage duration: 3,5 hours by e-bike / 5 hours by mtb
Difficulty: MEDIUM, Physical Effort; 3/5 Technical level 3/5

On your second day, you’ll leave Lacona behind to reach Lido di Capoliveri’s sandy beach, and to visit Capoliveri village itself, perched on a hill (167 m a.s.l.). Capoliveri once lived on agriculture and mining; it has now turned into a one of the liveliest and most fascinating destinations on the island. The famous Capoliveri Legend Cup takes place every year right in this panoramic place, a paradise for XC lovers.

38 km, 1300 m climb rise

Stage duration: 4 hours + stops by e-bike / 5,5 hours + stops by mtb
Difficulty: MEDIUM/CHALLENGING, Physical Effort 4/5; Technical level 4/5

On the final day of your tour you’ll ride uphill to Monte San Martino (365 m a.s.l.), a central promontory, and to Procchio, one of the most popular beaches of Elba. Passing by Marina di Campo airport, you’ll head for a little village on the mountains, Poggio, among chestnut trees and winding trails leading towards the top of Monte Perone. From this height you’ll finally ride down to the gorgeous beach of Cavoli, where you can stop for a swim.

Road base: 80% gravel and trail;  20% tarmac

The tour does not inlcude the transport on ferry boat (discounted tickets available on request) and dinners.

Suggested bike type:
Front or full-suspended MTB E-bike or standard MTB.

Suggested clothing:
Sports and comfortable clothing. Patched trousers, cycling gloves, sunglasses and light jacket are suggested. Helmets are compulsory.

Techincal advice:
Bring a backpack for the jacket, water and food bars.
Before the tour, please nourish yourself with light and energizing products.

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