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Private walking tour: the selenite city

Bologna was once nicknamed “the city of selenite” for its 2 km long, 8 meters high and 2 meters large wall, built in gypsum said to shine under the moonlight.
From the Roman Empire to the Middle Ages, because of the high number of quarries in the territory, this particular stone was the chosen material for most of construction and protection works. It was quarried in large blocks from the hills on the South side of the city, elaborated and used for construction; these same blocks were used in the following centuries to build the Bolognese towers, nowadays one of the main symbols of the city
Follow us along this fascinating tour: you will discover the selenite remains around the  city, in its towers, its ancient walls, the roman amphitheater and reach our beautiful hills in order to understand how and from which quarries this rich stone was extracted.(Founded in 1988 , on the hills that surround Bologna on its South-East side, the Regional  Parc of the Bolognese Gessi protects and safeguards these unique environments: karstic events, caverns and uplands, all surrounded by one of the richest flora in the world)


• Walking • Private


7 hous (2.30 inside the city + 3.30 in the park+1 hour for return trip)


Medium Physical Effort 3/5 Technical level 3/5

Tour departure time

To be chosen

Watch out: In order to join one of our bike tours you need to be confident in your use of a bicycle

Tour program

The starting point for this journey of discovery through gypsum’s history is via Manzoni, where a piece of the first ring of walls of the city can be seen inside the Medieval Museum.
Passing through the alleys of the town’s centre, between the Jewish Quarters and the its streets, where at a time the walls of the city rose, we’ll discover the towers Altabella, Prendiparte, Asinelli, Garisenda, as well as old palaces and buildings which show in their architecture pedestals, steps , capitals and walls made of this noble material , quarried and stone worked in ancient times.
The tour will also take you to the Complex of S.Stefano, one of the oldest monumental churches in the city. Two hours to see Bologna from a different point of view and discover surprising and unbelievable details.
After a short trip on a bus we’ll reach Ponticella di S. Lazzaro di Savena where a pleasant walk towards Dolina della Spipola, heart of the Regional Park, starts.
During this walk along its paths you will admire incredible sites such as the Buco delle Candele, the upland of Miserazzano, the ancient quarry of Palestrina and Filo (  an important paleontological  site), reaching the entrance of the important cavern discovered by Luigi Fantini, father of the Speleology in Bologna. You will enjoy 3 hours of strolling in an amazing environment, unpolluted, unique and very close to the city. The return will be done by bus, that will take us back in sight of the two towers.

4 km inside the city
6 km in the Parco dei Gessi Bolognesi
Accessible all year, it can be muddy in the park depending on the time of the year.

Dress code:
Sport and comfortable clothing. Patched trousers, cycling gloves, sunglasses and light jacket are suggested

Technical advice:
Bring a backpack for the jacket, water and food bars
Before the tour please nourish yourself with light and energizing products.

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