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Bike tour to discover Bologna's hidden canals

Tour within Bologna’s town centre. Entrance to the Bagni of Mario included.

There’s a hidden window in the center of Bologna that takes visitors back in time: under a portico and embedded in the walls of the surrounding houses, it offers an incredible view of what the ancient Bologna must have been; ancient times when city and water combined in a symbol of wealth and industriousness. From here, water flows slowly below old balconies, like it did before when it fueled the first mills of the city.


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The view of the canal of Le Moline, highlighted by the window in Via Piella, is one of the most suggestive and alluring spots in the city. It reveals a side of Bologna unknown for many visitors: Bologna is in fact a city crossed by the Aposa stream and a thick net of artificial water canals created in the XII century. These canals were built as a defensive measure, for the inhabitants use of them and for industrial scopes (for the water mills and factories). The water canals were buried after he war, during the reconstruction, development and enhancement of the city planning which gave Bologna its actual appearance.
Over one thousand years of history below our feet together with a labyrinth of canals, a universe whose origin goes back to the Medieval period when Bologna was actually called “the little Venice”.
Everywhere in the city there’s a connection to water, from the names of the streets (via del Porto, Riva di Reno, Val D'Aposa, Savenella), to the Bagni di Mario (in Italian the baths of Mario)  and the  piazzetta della Pioggia (the square of rain).

Follow our amazing tour guides in a journey to discover the real essence of Bologna, from its birth to its development; among an ancient and flourishing port, distinguished fountains and a mysterious underground tank. You will lose yourself in the history of our city while understanding the great historical, cultural and economic value of water, artificially brought into the city with an incredible work of engineering.
You will discover the city from a completely different point of view, living a unique and unforgettable experience.

Dress code:
Casual, comfortable clothes and/or sportwear.
During Summer sunscreen and a hat are recommended, as gloves, scarves and a cap during Winter.

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