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Bike Tour of Ravenna’s Mosaics and pinewoods

Tour Ravenna’s Mosaics and Pine Yards and Enjoy Our Famous Aperitif

The beautiful pinewood that twists and turns along the coast of Ravenna is a cool and peaceful oasis: maritime pines, holm oaks and elms grow throughout the city and towards the dunes that separate Ravenna from the beach. Runners, Nordic walkers and bike riders find in the paths that sweep the pinewood in parallel to the coast the ideal set for their sport of choice; bird watchers engage in the diversified wildlife that inhabits it while passersby enjoy the chanting of robins and chaffins.

The pinewood’s origins go back to the first centuries A.D, when Ravenna was the main port of the Roman Empire. It provided the timber for the construction of commercial boats and war vessels and reached an extension of 8.000 hectares


• Hike • On bike • Private


7 hs / 30 km on flat land



Tour departure time

8:30 AM

Watch out: In order to join one of our bike tours you need to be confident in your use of a bicycle

Tour program

This Bike Tour (which takes place 10% on tarmac and 90% on gravel, pine yards and bike paths) will take you to the Pialasse,a large area near Ravenna characterized by open lagoons connected to artificial water canals and embankments. Its River banks, rich with vegetation, are the main nutrition area for different species of nesting birds which inhabit them.

Afterwards, always on a comfortable bike, you’ll reach the “Scuola Internazionale Studi d’ Arte del Mosaico e dell’Affresco”, one of the most famous and important art schools, worldwide, right in the center town of Marina Romea. Here you will join a workshop with certified teachers who will explain the art of the Mosaics from a historical, artistic and technical point of view. Since the Romans period in fact, passing through the Byazantine era and the Christian sacred art, the mosaic art of Ravenna has passed generation to generation thanks to its artisans and the many artisan shops in the city. The workshop will last around 4 hours and at the end of it you’ll be able to take home with you a memento done with your own hands.
This amazing field trip will not end before offering you an unforgettable return on a motor vessel, where you will enjoy a nice aperitif and, following the docks, be led back to the city of Ravenna.

Dress code:
Technical Advice:
1 lt of water. Energizing bars. Spray anti mosquito. Before the tour please nourish yourself with light and energizing products.

Visited point of interest

The order and number of the tour stops may change without notice

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