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The sluice of Casalecchio di Reno

Thanks to the bike tour to the Sluice of Casalecchio (Chiusa di Casalecchio in Italian) you will get to know the history of a monumental hydraulic work, declared a Messenger of a Culture of Peace in favour of young people by the UNESCO, that is closely connected to the history of Bologna. You’ll have a unique chance to cycle between history and nature on Walk ‘n Ride’s bikes.


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The Chiusa is a weir that partially closes the flow of the river Reno, deviating its waters towards the city of Bologna. It was built in the early Middle Ages when Bologna, lacking a natural city stream, was in deep need of one. It was essential to bring water from the Reno (and Savena) into the city walls, for industrial and civic reason.

In the following centuries, this brilliant idea gave birth to the network of water canals which supplied hydraulic energy to mills and industrial factories which were slowly developing all over the city. Thanks to the arrival of water, they quickly expanded increasing Bologna’s commercial trade towards other Italian regions and the sea.

Riding through tree-lined bike lanes along the bank of the river Reno, you will get to Parco della Chiusa (Sluice Park), leaving behind Bologna’s city walls

The tour will stop at the city’s ancient port and at the factories that helped Bologna become a flourishing and important city. Riding by the medieval buildings that use to artificially regulate the water flow, you’ll get to the imposing Chiusa.

This fascinating tour is not just the discovery of an antique and extraordinary piece of work. It is, in fact, an immersion in the economical history of Bologna, a city that in the Middle Ages chose to better itself through hard work instead of enriching through spoils of war. A flabbergasting and modern concept that has bore fruit: the presence of the Chiusa resulted in the transformation of Bologna into the trading power that we still know today.

Dress code:
Casual, comfortable clothes and/or sportswear.
During Summer sunscreen and a hat are recommended, as gloves, scarves and a cap during Winter.


The sequence and the number of visited highlights may be subject of last -minute changes

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