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Trekking Tour: The Way of Gods

The Way of Gods, itinerary created at the end of the Eighties by a group of Bolognese hikers, retraces the ancient commercial tracks and the first communicating paths between Emilia and Tuscany.


• Walking • Hike • Private


10 hours / 7 km


Challenging: Physical Effort 5/5 Technical level 5/5

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Why its name? Because the route crosses localities like Monte Adone, Monzuno (Mons Iovis, Jupiter’s mountain), Monte Venere, Monte Luario (Lua was a roman goddess to whom soldiers sacrificed captured weapons) and is nowadays one of the main tourist targets in the Apennines: hiking and MTB lovers travel through this path reliving history and enjoying the unpolluted beauty of its landscapes.

The Way of the Gods is not Santiago. Do not expect to encounter thousands of people along the way: if you start alone you’ll probably stay alone most of the way, inside the Apennine forests of among the fields of Tuscany. Which is probably part of the allure of this journey.

From the Fountain of Neptune to San Luca it’s still a stroll inside the city: cars on the streets, the bar Margherita, people apparently prepared for another day of work, unenthusiastic students who, rather than going to class would do one step forth and 10 back. Suddenly, at the starting of the Portico that goes up to San Luca, the amazing change: the chaotic life of the city centre comes to an end, and the only people left are sportsman, pilgrims, tourist and, of course,  travellers.

The Way of Gods is a multi-coloured and full-of-nature itinerary among paths, gravel roads and some tarmac. It’s a medium level trekking route, never too challenging and featured by a highly diversified territory which you will admire at every step.

Your guide will lead you through remarkable biodiversity, among forests and banks; you will glimpse the not too far away white rock towers of Monte Adone and the soft hills of the pre-Apennines, dazzling you and filling your heart with images that will render this experience unique and unforgettable.

Walking through the forests you’ll reach Sasso Marconi where you’ll catch a low speed train that will take you back to the city!

Dress code:
Sportswear and comfortable clothing, trekking shoes are advised, raincoat, sunglasses and light jacket are suggested.
Tecnical advice:
Backpack for a bootle of water, something to eat, photo camera, tissues. During summer season anti-mosquitos.

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The order and number of the tour stops may change without notice

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