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The Flamingos and Pialassa della Baiona Bike Tour

Pialassa della Baiona is situated 10 km north of Ravenna. It comprises around 1100 hectares of wetlands connected to the Adriatic Sea.
This haven for sea- water wildlife made of lagoons, sea arms, artificial water canals and embankments, gets completely covered by sea water with the arrival of the high tide. Its embankments, rich with vegetation, are the main nutrition area for some of the nesting birds who inhabit it. The River banks display typical fishing lodges (called “bilancioni” or “padelloni”) which illustrate part of our history and our present: Giuseppe Garibaldi, when escaping from Rome, stayed in fact in one of these lodges, nowadays open to the public.


• Hike • On bike • Private


7 hs / 33 km on flat land



Tour departure time

Watch out: In order to join one of our bike tours you need to be confident in your use of a bicycle

Tour program

The tour (which takes places for 10% of the itinerary on tarmac and 90% on gravel and bike paths) goes across this paradise far away from the city’s traffic and chaos. Our environmental guide, both on a bike and on a comfortable boat, will guide you through this oasis in search of the beautiful pink flamingos that live here, along with many other species such as oystercatchers, kestrels, sea swallows, hawks, shelducks  and herons.
This amazing tour will not end before offering you a delicious lunch in a restaurant near the sea in the charming Marina Romea and a relaxing hour to do some shopping or gather your strength back. We will return following an alluring bike lane that crossing through small sea villages will take us back to Ravenna

Dress code:
Tecnical advices:
1 lt of water. Energizing bars. Spray anti mosquito
Before the tour please nourish yourself with light and energizing products.

Visited point of interest

The order and number of the tour stops may change without notice

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